VSpeak ECU Converter KingTech

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The VSpeak ECU converter for Kingtech is connected to the KingTech ECU port "GSU" via the connection cable included in delivery (for versions G2 and G3),

or connected to the KingTech DRM (in the G4 versions) at the port marked "GSU".
The ECU converter can be operated in parallel with the KingTech GSU (LCD touch screen) by means of a V cable.

The ECU data can be transmitted by the ECU Converter over the telemetry channel to the radio.

The ECU Converter calculates the fuel consumption and also transmits it to the respective transmitter of the model pilot.

Furthermore, the function Taxi tank is setable.

The VSpeak ECU Converter is compatible with the following remote control systems:

The respective remote control system can be set using the KingTech GSU. Individual parameters can also be set.

Detailed information about VSpeak ECU Converter KingTech can be found in the detailed manual.