VF EDF 390mm Nacelle

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Internal diameter of the cylinder: 395 mm
Area: 1076,7cm2
The weight of the EDF Nacelle including brackets is 4,200 grams,
Max. Thrust range: 750N
Max. Discharge speed range: 80m / s
Max. RPM range: 10,000 rpm
Max. Input power: 45kw
Permitted battery: 18S - 28S 30,000 + mAh
Permitted controller (ESC): 30kw - 45kw
Overall efficiency: 88%


With this new EDF of very particular dimensions, we intend to reach the customer who no longer uses it only at the RC level but above all on VTOL aircraft and other special applications.
The design of this new EDF system is based on the technological know-how accumulated thanks to the creation of numerous prototypes carefully tested in recent years. All EDF components are designed as accurately as possible by a company specializing in the CNC sector; 7075 aerospace aluminum is used for the construction of the metal parts in question, in this way it is possible to obtain maximum efficiency both in terms of mechanical strength and weight.
The fan is not composed of individually glued blades but is conceived in a unibody frame in carbon fiber that is completed with the turned 7075 aluminum components. The choice of creating 10 blades proved to be the best compromise between static and dynamic thrust.
The rotation speed was deliberately kept low with a value of around 18,000 rpm. Along with the fan, an air cooling system was also designed for the engine.
The motors are interchangeable according to the customer's needs.

This EDF has been tested with TS - 30kw and TS - 35kw motors, offering a reliable and performing configuration. Numerous tests were conducted during construction and simulation to achieve our goal of providing the highest levels of efficiency and quality.
The efficiency refers to the low electrical absorption converted into high static thrust and high speed of the jet, all this is possible thanks to the optimal static and dynamic balance and the rotation torque.

Operating the motor outside of the specifications listed can damage the battery or controller (ESC). It is important that the motor and controller are set up correctly, as recommended by the manufacturers, in case the warranty may be void. It is highly recommended to use a wattmeter to test consumption when setting up a new configuration. If the current output is higher than the factory recommended specifications, it must be adjusted by the controller (ESC). The most suitable settings can be selected via the controller (ESC) in the TIMING and THROTTLE CURVE items.

Keep a safe distance between the user and the fan during testing and operation as suction of nearby objects may occur. Keep your hands away while the rotating part is in operation. All units are made with precision and attention by Vasyfan. Without the sale, the entire EDF group is assembled, thoroughly tested and checked in all rotating parts.
The counter-rotating version has also been implemented for this model, which allows you to cancel counter-rotation.