VF EDF 174mm

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This model is available in both ccw and cw (counter-rotating) versions. They are 174 mm EDF made for maxi models up to 30 kg ready to fly, designed for engines from 12 to 28 cells. They are available without motor or with motors with 10 mm shaft and 64 mm body diameter.

This EDF has been tested with LMT 30100 and TS-MI-64130 18kw motors, offering a reliable and high performance configuration. Numerous tests were conducted during construction and simulation to achieve our goal of providing the highest levels of efficiency and quality.
The efficiency refers to the low power consumption converted to high static thrust and high jet speed, all this is possible thanks to the optimal static and dynamic balance and torque of the fan.

    Internal diameter of the cylinder: 174mm
    Area swept by the fan: 201,8 cm2
    Weight with inlet lip and mounting brackets: 420g,
    Max. Thrust range: 300N
    Max. Discharge speed range: 123m / s
    Max. RPM range: 32,000 RPM
    Max. Input power: 23kW
    Max. Motor diameter 64mm
    Shaft diameter: 10mm
    Permitted battery: 12S - 28S 10,000 + mAh
    Permitted Controller (ESC): 200A - 400A
    Overall efficiency: 82%

    Thanks to experience gained over the years, I have been able to experience everything that has allowed me to refine more and more the technique of designing and making moulds, making my fans more and more efficient. Driven by the passion to always get the best from these EDFs, I decided to expand the range of fans with this VF-174.


    This new measurement standard from EDF wants to address a type of customer who not only uses it at RC level but especially on VTOL aircraft and other special applications. The design of this new EDF system is based on the technological know-how accumulated through the realization of numerous prototypes tested and thoroughly tested in recent years.
    The components of the fan are designed as accurately as possible by a company specialized in the CNC sector, for the construction of the metal parts in question is used aerospace aluminum 7075, in this way it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency both in terms of mechanical strength and weight.
    The fan does not consist of individually glued blades but is designed in a carbon fibre unibody frame that is completed with turned 7075 aluminium components.
    The choice to create 10 blades for the fan proved to be the best compromise between static and dynamic thrust. The rotation speed was deliberately kept low with a value of about 20,000 / 30,000 rpm. Together with the fan, an air cooling system for the motor was also designed.
    The motors are interchangeable according to customer requirements.
    Operation of the engine outside the specifications listed above can damage it or the battery and regulator. It is important that the motor and controller are set correOperating the engine outside of the specifications listed above may cause damage to the engine or the battery and regulator.
    It is important that the engine and regulator are set correctly in the following cases otherwise the warranty can be voided. We strongly recommend using a watt meter to test performance when setting up a new system. If the current output is higher than the factory recommended specifications, then it must be adjusted by the regulator (esc).
    The TIMING and THROTTLE CURVE settings on the controller can help you set the appropriate levels.