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Super high voltage

20mm 24V 90kg SV – Servo

The SV8510 24V high performance servo is trimmed for maximum performance and speed with very low power. In cooperation with the company PowerBox Systems, a suitable 24V (6s-Lipo) dual power supply has been developed for use in model aircraft of our SV servos. 

The use in 3D aerobatic models, XXXL models, RC CARs or many alternative applications leave nothing to be desired. The servo is optimized to industrial standards for maximum power and freedom from play. The built-in contactless Hall sensor offers ideal conditions for long-lasting properties in continuous operation and vibrations.

The housing parts are made of high-alloy aluminum and, in conjunction with six-fold ball bearings and hardened steel gears, offer precise and play-free steering.

It speaks for itself

The Chaservo SV8510 24V is a high-performance servo in the 20mm class that is designed to operate with a voltage of 24V. It is characterized by its exceptionally high performance and speed with very low power consumption.

The Chaservo SV8510 24V is suitable for a variety of applications. It is ideal for RC aircraft, gliders, motor aircraft and other models that require high performance and precision. The high performance also makes it ideal for applications in 3D aerobatics and large jets.

Advantages of the  SV8510

  • Exceptionally high performance and speed
  • Precise execution
  • Robust design
  • Compact design
  • Versatile uses
  • Ideal for 3D aerobatics and large jets
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with Competition SHV (sold separately)

Areas of application

  • Model airplanes
  • Micro RC cars
  • Drones
  • robot
  • And many other small applications

Championship performance

In cooperation with PowerBox Systems, a suitable 24V (6s-Lipo) dual power supply has been developed. Perfectly tailored for use in model aircraft of our SV servos.

  • Powerful SHV power supply
  • Regulated 8.4V outputs for powerful servos
  • Double design of the power electronics for maximum reliability
  • Sunlight readable display for easy readability
  • Servo matching for all 22 outputs for optimal performance
  • Automatching function for easy setting
  • 2 independent door sequencers for complex flight maneuvers
  • iGyro technology for excellent stability and precision

Discover Competition SHV


Servo Data
Dimensions 40x20x40mm
Weight 87g
nominal voltage DC 24V
Voltage range DC 22 – 28V
gearing 25T, 6mm
Position sensor Contactless/Hall sensor
engine 4 pole brushless
Ball Bearing 6 x Ball Bearings
Operating frequency 1520µs / 333Hz
Pulse width 900µs – 2100µs
Programmable Yes
Case material aluminum
Gear set material Metal gears
Holding Torque
Holding Torque @ 22.0V 80 kg cm
Holding Torque @ 24.0V 85 kg cm
Holding Torque @ 28.0V 90 kg cm
Stalling Torque
Stalling Torque @ 22.0V 72.0 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 24.0V 76.5 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 28.0V 81.0 kg·cm
No load speed
No load speed @ 22.0V 0.11sec/60°
No load speed @ 24.0V 0.10sec/60°
No load speed @ 28.0V 0.09sec/60°
max. Current
max. Current @ 22.0V 4.95A
max. Current @ 24.0V 5.25A
max. Current @ 28.0V 5.85A