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N.B. If you would like to have the same number on your SAKR84 Tortuga fuselage and on your rudder kit you need to make a special request to

S0040-S - Rudder Kit

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2 x Rigid Vertical Rudder

2 x Uniball M2 Maschio

2 x Threaded Rod M

2 x 56

6 x Torx Screw Self Tapping 2.9 x 6.5mm

2 x Clevis M24 x Sticker of Servo Support

2 x Plastic Ball Link M2

2 x Wing Servo Mount

2 x Aileron Servo Cover

KR84 Tortuga

Upgrade needs 2 Micro Servos

Suggested Servos:  MKS DS75K-N or KST X08Hv5.0.