Radio System CORE (Tray Version)

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PowerBox CORE - the new generation of pro-class radios.

FCC now complete and we are producing transmitters for the Americas market! Canada is Clear for Shipping!

CORE TRANSMITTER WAIT TIME IS DOWN TO 2 to 3 weeks! We will keep track of when your order is placed and ship your transmitter accordingly!  Secure your transmitter by placing your order!

Please make sure you fill out the Configuration Sheet for the tray version and email to us with your order! These tray version is custom configured just for you!

PowerBox-Systems manufactures high-quality power supply equipment, and has now been working for more than a year on its own independent radio control system. On the face of it we may seem a little tardy in introducing a new 2.4 GHz RC system, but upon closer inspection it is precisely this belated entry which gives us one unique advantage: During the development of this new platform we have not been obliged to make any compromises with regard to compatibility with other systems, and this has enabled us to create new standards in the sphere of 2.4 GHz RC equipment. We placed top priority on the CORE’s security and functional stability.

  • 26-channel radio control system
  • extremely secure against interference, genuine redundant 2.4 GHz transmission
  • extremely long range
  • redundant PowerBox power supply system
  • high-performance real-time telemetry
  • up to 800 telemetry values per second
  • open bus interface for servos and telemetry
  • aluminum stick units
  • hall sensors for sticks and slider controls
  • 20 transmitter controls + 2 optional stick switches
  • full-color screen with capacitive touch-screen
  • high-contrast screen, legible in sunlight
  • intuitive menu system with Smartkeys
  • integral GPS system
  • Linux PC system for every imaginable expansion
Power supply Li-Ion
Channels 26
Servo signal resolution 4096 Bit
Screen TFT - Touch
Weight 1152g
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C