Psycho 350

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Psycho 350

Lightest Turbine in its Class

Diameter 135mm (5.31in)

Length 350mm (13.77in)

Weight 2100g (4.62Lbs)

Contin. Thrust >102000 >350N=35Kg (78.68Lbs) 

Fuel Consumption 910ml/min (32.02oz/min)

Max EGT 700°C

EGT max continus 640°C @ 102000 rpm

Psycho 350N (78.68Lbs)

Emergency Running

No more Flame outs do to Bad Cable or Sensor Connections or Failure

Check out Video

More Thrust with less RPM increases Turbine Life
External Solenoid Valve
  •  Turbine
  •  Ecu ProJet (Designed for 3S Lipo)
  •  Display LCD
  •  Fuel Pump
  •  2 Solenoid Valves
  •  Wire Set
  •  I/o Board
  •  Turbine Mount
  •  Fuel Filter
  •  English Manual
  •   FOD