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PowerBox Systems PowerBUS

One bracket for all: BUS adapter - PWM adapter - splitter

Take advantage of our ingenious click system with 4 retaining clips for secure grip and perfect seat without wobbling, to the 1/10 mm Manufactured, once installed, the PowerBUS easy and quickly accessible. It is an advantage to install the PowerBUS once in the desired position. Thanks to the click system, you can conveniently plug in all the plugs outside and in the correct position. No more stress with exchanged connections and easy to control.
Remove milled parts, put them together (all parts are designed exactly to keep them mechanically perfect), fix with thin superglue, screw on wooden base, glue wooden base to the desired position. Simply snap in PowerBUS and secure with rubber rings. The PowerBUS can be built in and out as often as you like. (PowerBUS are not included)

Material: ABS

Weight: 5.2 g