PowerBox Systems- i3e + iGyro™3xtra Click holder

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PowerBox Systems - i3e + iGyro™3xtra Click holder

PowerBoxiGyro 3e + iGyro™3xtra

click bracket - Set

Take our ingenious click system, installed once the iGyro I3e is easily and quickly accessible. It is advantageous to iGyro once to the desired position to incorporatethrough the click system they can sleep comfortably all plug outside and in the correct position pluggingNo more stress with exchanged links and easy Control this.
Milled parts cut out, put together, fix with thin cyano, screw on a wooden base, gluing wooden base to the desired location. iGyro I3e easy purely click and additionally secured with a O-ring. The iGyro I3e can gently as often as they wish to be built on and off. (IGyro I3e are not supplied)

Material: ABS

Weight: 4.1 g