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SHV stands for Super High Voltage, and - as the term indicates - the Competition SHV operates with significantly higher voltages than previous 8.4V systems. The unit can cope with input voltages of up to 35V, which is then passed on to the servos in a redundant arrangement.

The Competition SHV is the latest member of the PowerBox product family, and has been developed to take into account the requirements of the latest generation of servos, with their ever-rising power and speed. SHV stands for Super High Voltage, and - as the term indicates - the Competition SHV operates with significantly higher voltages than previous 8.4V systems. The unit can cope with input voltages from 10 to 35V**, which is then passed on to the servos in a redundant arrangement. The advantage is obvious: for a given servo power the current carried by the servo cable is correspondingly reduced. For example, a servo drawing a current of 6A using 8.4V technology will only draw 2A using 25.2V technology and a 6S power supply.
The lower current drain results in the following scenarios:

For a given conductor cross-section, the lower current in the servo cable reduces the voltage drop to the servo. This in turn means more constant servo output power, and the servos operate with consistent torque and speed.
Much higher servo performance is possible, since currents increase by a lower factor.
For a given servo output it is permissible to use cable of reduced cross-section. in the case of large models this can result in a significant weight-saving.
Power supply batteries of significantly lower capacity and nominal current can safely be employed.
The unit is fitted with two redundant DC/DC converters for the two receivers, gyro, additional telemetry sensors and up to four servos; they generate a regulated voltage of 8.4V and can cope with loads of up to 10A. 

In terms of software the Competition SHV is based on the proven Competition SR2, and features all the usual PowerBox functions: 12-axis iGyro with optional speed compensation, servo-matching with Auto-Match function, door sequencer, input and output mapping and much more. The whole system can be set up using the high-resolution color screen, or alternatively from the transmitter if you are using PowerBox or Jeti equipment.

The UAV version operates using modified software: in this variant RX1 serves as “Master”, using channel 16 to switch between inputs RX1 and RX2. This can be used, for example, to switch between a conventional RC system and a Flight Controller. The Flight Controller is also powered by the Competition SHV.

PowerBox Competition SHV
TFT Display
2 patch-leads
4 rubber grommets and brass spacer sleeves
8 retaining screws
Operating instructions in German and English

SHV technology: 10 to 35V input voltage - **DOES NOT support systems using below 10v
40A max. current load for all SHV servo outputs
regulated 8.4V / 10A for receivers, peripherals and four servos
22 channels
optional UAV version
high-performance battery backer with high continuous load capacity
2.4” TFT-screen, legible in sunlight
Bi-lingual menu system
consistent duplication of all power electronics
redundant electronic switch
Servo matching for all 22 outputs
auto matching function
two independent door sequencers with Setup Assistant
the latest integrated iGyro technology, using the iGyroSAT as gyro sensor
Twelve independent gyro outputs for: 4x aileron, 4x elevator, 4x rudder
individual gain control for all twelve gyro outputs
special regulatory algorithm for fixed-wing models
System detects all transmitter mixers
Graphic menu diagrams ensure ultra-simple programming
fast basic setup procedure using the sophisticated Assistant
optional GPS III for speed-dependent gyro compensation
Telemetry data for PowerBox P²BUS, Futaba S.BUS2, Jeti Ex-BUS, Spektrum, SRXL2, Multiplex M-Link and Graupner HoTT
Transmission of battery, receiver and GPS* data
virtually all features can be controlled from PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
selectable servo frame rate: 10ms, 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
Servo feedback current suppression
latest 32-bit micro-processor for precise, high-speed signal processing
high-performance machined heat-sink for optimized heat diffusion
machined, anodized aluminum switch and screen case
compact dimensions

Operating voltage 10,0 V - 35,0 V***
Power supply 3-8s LiPo or Lilon
Current drain Power-on state 170 mA by 20V
Current drain Standby 40 µA
Maximum load current 2x20A (<30s 2x 40A)
Output voltage SHV and 8.0V (8V only supplied at JR style outputs)
Signal input serial
Supported RC systems PowerBox, Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, Multiplex, Graup
Receiver redundancy SR2
Channels 26
Servo sockets 22
Programmable servo outputs 22
Servo signal resolution 0,5 µs
Signal frame rate 10 ms, 12 ms, 14 ms, 16 ms, 18 ms
Gyro regulation Heading- and normal mode
Gyro sensor type external iGyro SAT
Number of sensor axes 12
Screen TFT-Display 320x240 pixels
Integral door sequencer yes
Supported telemetry systems P²BUS, S.BUS2, EX-BUS, SRXL2, M-Link, Hott, DMSS
Dimensions 118 x 71 x 19 mm
Weight 137g
Weight Sensor Switch 15g
Weight of LCD screen 34g
Temperature range -30 °C bis +85 °C

---Does not support below 3s LiIon input ***10V MINIMUM--- 


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