MK6 Hawker Hunter - XG 204

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Combo Kit includes 

  • Cockpit
  • Landing Gear Set
  • Fuel Tank 
  • UAT
  • Tailpipe
  • Air Cylinders
  • Parts and Accessories

Congratulations on the purchase of the Hawker Hunter, produced by DerJet Model Company, TAIWAN!
This 1/6 scale legendary jet was developed on the base of a World Masters model developed and flown by three‐times vice champion Reto Senn of Switzerland. Thus, you are not only buying a magnificent flying plane, this ARF kit is designed to allow participation in competitions such as the 13,5 kg class at the Jet World Masters an others.

Servos: Ailerons: use standard size servos with at least 2 x 10kg/cm torque such as Futaba
BLS451 or BLS452 (MG)
Elevator: use 15mm size servos with at least 2 x 5kg/cm torque such as Futaba
BLS153, Graupner HBS 660 BB or Spektrum AS5030
Rudder: use standard size servo with some 10kg/cm torque such as Futaba
BLS451/452, S3305/3172HV or Savöx SC‐0252MG/0254MG
Flaps: use standard size servos with at least 2 x 20kg/cm torque such as Futaba
BLS155/175HV or Savöx SH‐1256TG
RC power supply: We recommend using a dual power supply system such as PowerBox Systems In the first
three Hunters, we used once PowerBox Evolution (with external door sequencer) and for
convenience, twice PowerBox Cockpit SRS (with integrated door sequencer and dual
satellite reception) powered by LiPo 7,4V with 2 x 2800mAh capacity or LiFe 6,6V and 2 x
3200mAh capacity.
Turbine: The light and yet solid construction of the DerJet Model Hunter allows for a wide range of
turbines. Flying with with 12‐14N of thrust power is sufficient for flight performance. Yet,
it allows safe take‐offs from every surface at the cost of slightly higher speed in the final
landing approach. The use of a JetCat P90RXi (10,5kg thrust) by one Swiss pilot allowed
both comfortable take‐offs (40m on hard surface runway) and smooth realistic flying with
reasonably short landings.

  • 1/6 Scale
  • Wingspan: 1720mm
  • Length: 2340mm
  • Dry weight: 11.5 – 12.5 kg
  • Turbine: 120 – 140N thrust power
  • RC: 10‐12 channels (8 servos)

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