Micro Sub Servo LV06

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Extremely thin. 
Extremely accurate.

The Chaservo LV06-Series is a versatile 6mm low-voltage servo that is available in three different versions for standard or horizontal installation as well as a neutral version. 

With its particularly flat and compact design, this Micro-Sub fits seamlessly into thin surfaces. The solid workmanship and the coreless motor also ensure a wide range of applications. 

Micro servos are ideal for applications that require small size and need to be used in tight spaces. They are used in model airplanes, micro RC cars, drones, robots and many other small applications.

Servo data
execution LV06H or LV06 or LV06N
Dimensions 19x6x18.5mm
Weight 6.1g
nominal voltage DC 4.2V
Voltage range DC 3.3 – 5.0V
gearing 25T, 4mm
Position sensor Potentiometers
engine Coreless DC
Ball Bearing 2 x ball bearings
Operating frequency 1520μs / 20KHz
Pulse width 900µs – 2100µs
Programmable Yes
Case material aluminum
Gear set material Metal gears
Holding Torque
Holding Torque @ 3.3V 1.0 kg cm
Holding Torque @ 4.2V 1.45 kg cm
Holding Torque @ 5.0V 1.9 kg·cm
Stalling torque
Stalling Torque @ 3.3V 1.0 kg cm
Stalling Torque @ 4.2V 1.3 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 5.0V 1.7 kg·cm
No load speed
No load speed @ 3.3V 0.077sec/60°
No load speed @ 4.2V 0.066sec/60°
No load speed @ 5.0V 0.055sec/60°
max. Current
max. Current @ 3.3V 0.39A
max. Current @ 4.2V 0.64A
max. Current @ 5.0V 0.79A