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Electron Linear Actuator:

A better solution for controlling gear doors


1x Linear Actuator with adjustable bracket, Ball link installed.


  • STRONG LINEAR TORQUE:  Thanks to the design of Electron Retracts Linear Actuators, they provide a level of linear torque that is unmatched by conventional servos or pistons.
  • QUALITY AND RELIABILITY ABOVE ALL ELSE: Just like our retracts, our Linear Actuators are milled from solid 7075 T6 aviation grade aluminum, before being anodized and laser engraved.
  • EXTENSIVE OPTIONS TO SUIT YOU: Three lengths are available, as well as being able to choose between High Speed, or even Higher Torque.
  • INCLUDED MOUNTING BRACKET AND ANGLES:  Thanks to the multiple mounting points on the actuator itself and thanks to the provided mounting bracket, any number of different deflection angles can be achieved in order to match your requirements exactly.
4,5 to 6v
Maximum drain:
Cycle time:
2,5 to 4,5 seconds depending on voltage and door weight
Same as servo.
Actuator, three position mounting bracket and preinstalled ball link.

20mm, 25mm or 30mm. (tolerance +- 1mm)
It is not possible to set mid points, only open, closed or shutoff due to overload are available.
High Torque:  60N at 6v, in 3,5s (50N at 5,5v in 4,5s)
High Speed:    45N at 6v, in 2,5s (35N at 5,5v in 3,5s)