KST X50-28-625 625kg Industrial-Servo 28V/0.36s Brushless

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X50 servos from KST are the solution for industrial applications, robotics and large-scale model making.

KST expands its range of Giant / Industrial Servos with the X50 series. These servos are available in 2 versions, 12V and 28V. The positioning forces range from 158kg to an incredible 625kg. These high forces are transmitted from the efficient brushless motor via a steel or titanium gear to the Serovarm. All components are manufactured with high precision and assembled without backlash. The housing is made of high-quality aluminium/aluminium7075 and has a long service life and stability. 

The X50 servos from KST meet the highest demands of industry and large-scale model making. The X50-28-350 is waterproof to IP67. 

Application examples model making
Large-scale models up to 9m wingspan, helicopters up to 3m rotor diameter, drones 

Application examples industry

Control controller, three-step controller, servo motor, control motor, valve motor, valve control, control motor Ventilation flaps, servo drives, drive controllers, robots,

  •  Brushless Motor
  •  Metal gear unit, hardened steel/titan
  •  Double ball bearing mounted
  •  Wide operating temperature range
  •  Additional electrical power supply
Operatin voltage (max.) [V]: 24-32V
Torque[kg/cm]@7.4V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@8.4V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@12V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@28V: 625.0
Speed [s/60°]@7.4V: --
Speed [s/60°]@8.4V: --
Speed [s/60°]@12V: --
Speed [s/60°]@28V: 0.360
Breadth: 48.0
Length: 104.0
Height: 105.6
Weight: 1240.0
Motor type: Brushless
Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us
Gear: Titan
Bearing: 2BB
Spline: others
Type: Jumbo/Industrial
Electronics: Digital
Sensor: Potentiometer
Waterproof: No
Manufacturers: KST
  •  1 x Servo KST X50-28-625
  •  1 x Connection flange metal
  •  1 set of mounting brackets