KST X30-12-150 150kg Industrial-Servo 12V/0.13s Brushless

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X30 from KST - Powerful servos for industry, robotics and large-scale model making

The X30 servos from KST are available in sizes from 120kg to 165kg. This with a positioning time of only 0,12-0,18sec/60°. This makes them the choice for technical challenges where reliable, powerful and fast rotary motion is the solution. 

The servo has an additional power supply, which drives the brushless motor with 12V/28V to maximum performance. The body is made of durable aluminium/aluminium 7075, the gearbox of steel/hardened steel. The shaft has double ball bearings and is thus able to withstand the highest loads. 

Application examples model making
Large-scale models up to 9m wingspan, helicopters up to 3m rotor diameter, drones

Application examples industry

Control controller, three-step controller, servo motor, control motor, valve motor, valve control, control motor Ventilation flaps, servo drives, drive controllers, robots,

  •  Brushless Motor
  •  Metal gear unit, hardened steel
  •  Double ball bearing mounted
  •  Wide operating temperature range
  •  Additional electrical power supply 
Operatin voltage (max.) [V]: 8.4-12V
Torque[kg/cm]@7.4V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@8.4V: 105.0
Torque[kg/cm]@12V: 150.0
Torque[kg/cm]@28V: --
Speed [s/60°]@7.4V: --
Speed [s/60°]@8.4V: 0.180
Speed [s/60°]@12V: 0.130
Speed [s/60°]@28V: --
Breadth: 33.0
Length: 64.0
Height: 74.0
Weight: 360.0
Motor type: Brushless
Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 2BB
Spline: others
Type: Jumbo/Industrial
Electronics: Digital
Sensor: Potentiometer
Waterproof: No
Manufacturers: KST
  •  1 x Servo KST X30-12-150
  •  1 x Connection flange metal
  •  1 set of mounting brackets