KST X20-8.4-50 Servo HV 21mm 45kg Big Scale

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KST X20-8.4-50 - robust - inexpensive - for large models of all kinds


The servo with a positioning force of up to 45kg/cm is particularly suitable for large models of all kinds.


The high reset accuracy of the KST X20-8.4-50 digital servo and the robust gear in conjunction with the metal housing are ideal prerequisites for a long service life in any large model or Warbird.


Fast - Strong - Exact => KST 

  •  Coreless engine
  •  metal gearbox
  •  Double ball bearing
  •  Relatively low weight 
Operatin voltage (max.) [V]: 6.0-8.4V
Torque[kg/cm]@4.8V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@6.0V: 38.0
Torque[kg/cm]@7.4V: 42.0
Torque[kg/cm]@8.4V: 45.0
Speed [s/60°]@4.8V: --
Speed [s/60°]@6.0V: 0.200
Speed [s/60°]@7.4V: 0.170
Speed [s/60°]@8.4V: 0.150
Breadth: 21.0
Length: 40.5
Height: 40.2
Weight: 78.0
Motor type: Coreless
Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 2BB
Spline: H25T/3F
Type: Standard
Electronics: Digital
Sensor: Potentiometer
Waterproof: No
Manufacturers: KST
  •  1 x Servo KST X20-8.4-50
  •  various rowing horns plastic
  •  various fastening and securing screws