KST MS3509 21mm 32kg Contactless Coreless 7.4V Digital Servo

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Contactless HV Digital Servos from KST 

The new MS series from KST is equipped with contactless encoders. In contrast to conventional potentiometers with sliding contacts, the servos of the MS series use a contactless positioning system. This has the big advantage that it works more precisely and is not subject to wear and tear. This results in a highly precise and durable servo. 

The contactless digital servos from KST are therefore ideally suited for controlled systems (gyroscope systems). These are constantly subjected to small deflections, in which a conventional servo is subject to considerable wear and tear.

  •  High security
  •  High durability
  •  Accurate resetting even at high temperature fluctuations
  •  No wear due to potentiometer wear
  •  High pulse resolution => exact control 
Operatin voltage (max.) [V]: 8.4
Torque[kg/cm]@4.8V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@6.0V: 28.0
Torque[kg/cm]@7.4V: 32.0
Torque[kg/cm]@8.4V: --
Speed [s/60°]@4.8V: --
Speed [s/60°]@6.0V: 0.150
Speed [s/60°]@7.4V: 0.140
Speed [s/60°]@8.4V: --
Breadth: 21.0
Length: 40.5
Height: 38.5
Weight: 78.0
Motor type: Coreless
Frequency: k.A.
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 2BB
Spline: H25T/3F
Type: Standard
Electronics: Digital
Sensor: Contactless
Waterproof: No
Manufacturers: KST
  •  1 x Servo KST MS3509
  •  various low servo plastic
  •  various fastening and securing screws