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Compact and powerful

The HV5013 is the ultimate servo for anyone looking for impressive power and performance. With a holding force of an incredible 60 kg·cm at 8.4V, this servo sets new standards in terms of strength. It is one of the most powerful servos on the market and can easily withstand extreme loads.

With a stalling torque of up to 51 kg·cm, the HV5013 proves its exceptional robustness. No matter how heavy the strain is, this servo is not easily disturbed. It is the perfect choice for demanding applications where high resilience is required.

But the HV5013 doesn't just impress with its impressive power. It also offers precise and reliable performance and the usual high-quality Chaservo workmanship. 

The Chaservo HV5013 is a top-class 2 in 1 servo that offers maximum flexibility with its mounting brackets for horizontal and vertical installation. It is perfect for use in model making and robotics and impresses with its high precision, high voltage and impressive positioning force.

Servo data
Dimensions 40.5x17x40mm
Weight 68g
nominal voltage DC 7.4V
Voltage range DC 6.0 – 8.4V
gearing 25T
Position sensor Potentiometers
engine 4 pole brushless
Operating frequency 1520µs / 333Hz
Pulse width 900µs – 2100µs
Programmable Yes
Case material aluminum
Gear set material Metal gears
Holding Torque
Holding Torque @ 6.0V 40.0 kg·cm
Holding Torque @ 7.4V 50.0 kg·cm
Holding Torque @ 8.4V 60.0 kg·cm
Stalling torque
Stalling Torque @ 6.0V 34.0 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 7.4V 42.5 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 8.4V 51.0 kg·cm
No load speed
No load speed @ 6.0V 0.16sec/60°
No load speed @ 7.4V 0.13sec/60°
No load speed @ 8.4V 0.11sec/60°
max. Current
max. Current @ 6.0V 8.5 A
max. Current @ 7.4V 10.3 A
max. Current @ 8.4V 11.8A