Frank Turbine 180

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Turbine FT180

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  • Further development of the FT 160
  • Lightest engine in this thrust class thanks to carbon parts and V2A housing
  • Guaranteed thrust of 17.5-19kg (altitude 550m, temp. 15 °)
  • Additional thrust increase of up to 10% thanks to the special Frank push tube, suitable for models up to approx. 25 kg

The engine is delivered including the accessories required for operation.

Batteries, RC systems and fuel / oil are not included in the set.

  • Electric starter
  • ECU ProJET Hornet III
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel shut-off valve
  • Felt pendulum (for hopper tank) and brass pendulum (for main tank)
  • Mounting clamp
  • Intake protection

Brushless Pump Option

Improved starting properties due to less flame formation, only one-off setting of the pump start voltage, wear-free thanks to the latest sealing system from HP Tech

Weight 1.54 kg
Size 330 × 11.2 × 11.2 cm

Normal, brushless

Thrust test bench 180 N.
Thrust ISA 8-185 N
Maximum speed 35,000-123,000 rpm
Pressure ratio 3.0
Acceleration time 3-4 s
Exhaust gas temperature 650-700 ° C
Fuel Kerosene / Diesel / Petroleum
Consumption 630 ml / min
Lubrication 5% oil in the fuel (2% for diesel)
Maintenance after 25 hours of operation
Weight 1540g