Four Port MPA XH Combo with a EC5 Connector and Cable for Connecting to a PowerLab Charger

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MPA-4P is a Multi-Port Safe Parallel Module for safely interconnecting same-cell-count LiPO batteries in parallel. This version supports LiPO batteries with JST XH compatible balance connectors and wiring and an EC5 connector on the battery power leads. Unit includes: support for safe parallel charging of up to 4 same-cell-count packs at one time (2s-8s); supports 40A max charge/discharge rate; every port reverse polarity fuse protection of main battery wires; every cell/balance wire protected by self-resetting polyfuses with temperature warning indicators; supports non-balanced charge of up to two 1s LiPOs used with "indoor models." Works with any Cellpro charger or PowerLab battery workstation equipped with "XH MODE WIRING" option. This combo includes (1) MPA-4P-EC5 adapter and the cable PN MPA-FRC-PL6/PL8 (cable not pictured) for connecting to a PowerLab series charger.

Weight: .375 kg