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This product is custom made to order!

Will take 5-6 Months

Shipping from Factory to U.S. Address around $ 1200.00 USD 

Choose Paint Scheme A-R

Or Custom Paint is Available, Customer must provide Pictures for Quote

Upgraded BVM Servo Package also available

The 3D Godfather and World Champion, Quique Somenzini has highly modified the F-16 and taken it to an unprecedented level of 3D jet maneuverability and precision. In addition to the modified airframe, Quique has added dual axis thrust vectoring to the aircraft. The beauty of thrust vectoring is that the airplane retains its scale appeal, but it can do some of the most incredible maneuvers not typical of the F-16. When combined with the stabilization power from the Aura 12 Professional, the F-16 QQ offers an unprecedented level of stability and 3D (post-stall) maneuverability while retaining excellent speed and aerobatic precision. It is a revolution in 3D jet flight!


  • Super PNP completion level. Only needs your receiver, turbine and batteries to fly!
  • Highly modified design with dual axis thrust vectoring for incredible 3D aerobatic performance
  • Custom made to order! Choose any well-known F-16 color scheme and let Flex Innovations build it for you! Also available in two custom Quique Somenzini Airshow schemes.
  • (8) High-quality, brushless, 35 kg/cm (486 oz./in) servos are factory installed and ready to use
  • Aluminum servo arms are installed and ready to use
  • All hinges, control horns and linkages are installed and ready to fly
  • All wiring is installed and routed to the receiver area accordingly
  • LED lighting system with controller is installed and ready to use
  • Smoke system is installed and ready to use, including the smoke pump, smoke lines and dual smoke tanks
  • The air system for the landing gear, gear doors and wheel brakes is installed and ready to use
  • Extreme throws on all flight controls, including thrust vectoring.
  • Full span ailerons for additional roll control at slower airspeeds
  • One-piece fuselage for more strength and lighter weight
  • Advanced, lightweight, foam core composite construction creates a very lightweight, yet rigid airframe
  • Main hatch, canopy and nose cone (randome) are easily removed for access to internal components
  • Plug in wings, vertical fin and horizontal stab for easy transport. It can be easily transported with the gear extended and on its wheels!
  • Scale cockpit included
  • Factory painted trim scheme


  • Power
    • 140-200N Turbine (180+ for 3D flight)
    • ECU Battery (Potenza 2S 4000mAh 15C Li-Po recommended)
    • High-quality air-trap for the fuel system (we recommend replacing the stock air-trap for 3D aerobatic flight)
  • Control
    • Aura 12 Pro Advanced Flight Control System with Remote Sensor
      • Quique’s personal Aura program for the F-16QQ is available upon request
    • Receiver batteries (Potenza 2S 4000mAh 15C Li-Pos recommended)
    • Receiver – Consult with your gyro system. 8+ Channel serial-capable receiver for use with the Aura 12 Pro AFCS is recommended. Other setups may require additional receiver channels.
  • Misc
    • Optional Wing Tip Missiles Are Available as well

Pilot figure not included

  • Wingspan:65.6″1667mm
  • Length96.7″2456mm
  • Weight:27lb 0oz12.3kg
  • Engine:Turbine140-220N
  • Channels:10-16
  • Servos:8+