EDF Ducted Fan JP Hobby 70mm 4s + 3300Kv Motor

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EDF Ducted Fan JP Hobby 70mm + 3300Kv 4s Motor

100% CNC aluminium JP Hobby EDF unit (shroud and rotor) for 4s.


  • The V2 version offers an exceptional reduced gap of 0.6mm between each blade edge and the EDF shroud for more efficiency.
  • Jingpin Hobby uses High grade aluminium alloy material for highest rigid structure and lightest weight.
  • The shroud acts as a heat sink, removing heat from the motor. This design creates a more efficiently running motor and will provide peak performance while extending the lifespan of the motor.
  • The highly rigid structure design is capable of running up to 88,000 RPM to produce extremely high efflux velocity for maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Anti Blade flying out design,the Blades be safety kept in the shroud and without damage.It is the best replacement for your plastic or carbon shroud if you want to have a safety EDF fan.
  • Each metal blade is precisely made of High Grade Aluminum alloy to generate jet airflow. Every blade has been tested for 8 hours of metal fatigue test as well as in the dynamic balance machine for calibration, making it bring a better and safer user experience for every RC fan.

The motor and fan unit comes assembled and balanced from the factory.


 Description / LiPo    4s (14.8v)   4s (16.8v)  
 Thrust: 1.74 kg   2.15 kg 
 Current: 76 A 92 A
 Power: 2308 W 2832 W
 Recommended ESC:  100 A / LV  120 A / LV 
 Recommended battery:   2600Amh 40C    3000Amh 40C 


About the above measures : they have been read on the test bench with the intake lip on the unit. The measures have been made using a bench stabilized power source. Results may changed depening upon your equipment and situation.

  • Special high grade aluminum quality
  • Motor Kv: 3300 Kv
  • Motor: JP 3055-3300kv (shaft 5mm) outrunner 
  • Rotor: 71mm 12 blades aluminium
  • External diameter: 81mm
  • Ejection diameter: 64.37mm
  • Combo max thrust: 2.15kg
  • Weight: 7.8 oz / 225g (combo EDF + lip + motor )
  • Max efficiency: 90 %
  • Recommended max. rotation speed: 75 600 RPM
  • Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 15 Degrees
  • Connections: Banana / PK 4mm (in place)
  • 1x JP Hobby 4s 70mm full metal EDF unit
Length (mm): 58mm (without motor / Cone)
Weight (gr): 225 gr
Direction of Rotation (EDF Rotor) Classic Counter Clock Wize (CCW)
EDF Diameter Class (mm): 70
EDF Outside Diameter (mm): 75 mm
EDF Inner Diameter (mm) : 71 mm
Rotor Diameter (mm): 68 mm
Blades: 12
Stators: 4
Turns/min/Volt (Kv): 3300 kv
Motor Type: Out-Runner
Motor Diameter (mm): 30
Shaft diameter (mm): 5
Battery Cells: 4s - 14.8v
Working voltage (Volts/LiPo Cells): 14.8v / 4s
Connection: PK 4mm