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EDF is complete with Inlet Lip, Engine Cone and Secure Fan Fix


Designed to run up to 12s, it is available in both motorless and motorized versions. In particular, it is possible to mount motors from 6 up to 10s LiPo . Available with 5mm impeller hub.
Weight without motor: 80g
80mm fan, the latest working with Het, TP, Hacker or similar class motors, completes the series of a wide range of complete and high performance engines. These motors are interchangeable with each other while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency. This allows you to combine this fan with any engine that you may already have. Installation available.



Our EDFs, tested with the above mentioned engines, return reliable and performing configurations. Numerous tests have been carried out during construction and simulation to achieve our goal of providing the highest levels of efficiency and quality. By efficiency we mean the low electrical absorption transferred in high thrust and jet speed; this is made possible by the optimal balance of speed and torque. Our 10-blade rotor, thanks to its high efficiency despite high centrifugal force over long operating times, has been designed and manufactured in one block.
In order to guarantee greater strength and lower weight, the rotor is not composed of individually glued blades but a monobloc where everything is supported by an Ergal hub milled with high precision CNC machines.

Use quality glue or adhesive tape to firmly fix the suction lip and cone before starting the motor, otherwise a strong draught of air pressure could detach the lip and cause damage. When the motor is mounted, attention must be paid to the length of the screws that are not too long so that they do not touch its winding or other components. This can cause serious damage to the motor and controller. It is very important to thicken the motor in 4 points with carbon splints on its length (in four or six points) so that it remains firmly stuck in the carbon stator.

Operating the engine outside of the specifications listed above may cause damage to the engine or the battery and regulator. It is important that the engine and regulator are set correctly, otherwise the warranty may be void. It is strongly recommended to use a watt meter to test performance when setting up a new system.
If the current output is higher than the factory recommended specifications, then it must be adjusted by the regulator (esc).
The Settings timing and throttle on the controller can help you set the appropriate levels.

Keep a safe distance between you and the fan during testing and operation as you may experience suction of objects in the vicinity. Do not approach your hands while the rotating part is operating. Our EDFs are designed to get the most faithful sound possible to kerosene turbines. All units are made with precision and care by Vasyfan and his craftsmen / technicians. The motors are installed by us in the factory.
All parts are carefully checked and all rotating parts are dynamically tested and balanced.