EDF 120mm

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Once order is placed it can take up to 20 Business Days to get your EDF Built and Shipped out.

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  • Available with Motor Installed and ESC (E-mail for Quote).
  • Speed and limitless power. Tested up to 15s battery!
  • The 120mm EDF is perfect for even Larger RC Jets up to 12kg.
  • Made of carbon and airex, with an 10 blade rotor.
  • Speed and sound guarantee!
  • Designed to work with a range from 10s up to 15s  LiPo batteries.
  • Available  in two versions according to motor's sizes - up to 57 mm of motor diameter!
  •  Available with 8 or 10mm Motor Shaft.
  •  Weight w/o motor: 160g
  • Intake Lip
  • Engine Cone
  • Fan Fix

  • Cylinder internal diameter: 120mm
  • Fan swept area:  80.2 cm²
  • Weight with inlet lip and mounting brackets: 160g,
  • With 8mm \ 10mm shaft
  • Max. Thrust range: 120N
  • Max. Exhaust speed range: 115m/s
  • Max. RPM range: 40.000RPM
  • Max. Input power: 10kW
  • Allowed battery: 12S - 16S  5000/ 9.000+mAh
  • Allowed controller (ESC): 140A - 250A
  • Global efficiency: 73%