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Micro Sub. Maximum performance.

The DS06 is a true highlight among micro servos. With numerous features and an impressive competition weight of just 6 g, it sets new standards. 

The high-quality Hollow Cup DC motor ensures powerful and precise control. The ultra-light and ultra-strong technopolymer cladding makes the DS06 a robust companion in every application. 

Whether in model airplanes, micro RC cars, drones, robots or other small applications - the DS06 is the perfect budget choice.

Servo data
Dimensions 20 x 7.4 x 18.7 mm
Weight 6.1 g
nominal voltage DC 7.4V
Voltage range DC 3.3 – 9.0V
gearing 25T, 4mm
Position sensor Potentiometer
Motor Hollow Cup DC Motor
Operating frequency 1520 μs / 20 KHz
Pulse width 900µs – 2100µs
Programmable And
Case Material High Quality Technopolymer
Gear Set Material Hardened Steel + Plastic
Holding Torque
Holding Torque @ 3.5V 0.90 kg·cm
Holding Torque @ 6.0V 1.65 kg·cm
Holding Torque @ 8.4V 2.00 kg·cm
Stalling Torque
Stalling Torque @ 3.5V 0.8 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 6.0V 1.5 kg·cm
Stalling Torque @ 8.4V 1.8 kg·cm
No-load Speed
No-load Speed @ 3.4V 0.12sec/60°
No-load Speed @ 6.0V 0.08sec/60°
No-load Speed @ 8.4V 0.07sec/60°
max. Current
max. Current @ 3.5V 0.30 A
max. Current @ 6.0V 0.58 A
max. Current @ 8.4V 0.67 A