DS-98-DIA HST (128mm)

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Special Order the Schubeler DS-98 HST EDF with unparalleled performance and craftsmanship.  By purchasing this edf, please allow an estimated 14 Business Days for delivery.  The EDF units are custom made per order at the factory and tested.

With the DS-98-DIA HST Schubeler launches a comletely new jet propulsion system. The system is based on a new 12-blade axial compressor wheel which is driven by the all new Schubeler electronic commutated motor.

The 128mm axial compressor generates a surpassing compression ratio and can therefore be integrated much more efficiently in huge jet models than classic ducted fans. The rotational speed level is only 26,500rpm at an impressive exhaust speed of 95m/s and a thrust of 10kg. This high thrust impulse is therefore generated by a high exhaust speed and a high inner efficiency of the axial fan stage. In figures that means you can integrate this fan in jets up to 11kg and an exhaust diameter of just 105mm. The design of the 12-blade axial compressor wheel is based on speed ratios which are similar to the ratios of a full scale turbofan. That results besides a high efficiency in a perfect optical scale appearence and a sound which can only be compared to full scale jet engines. A silent whispering and fizzling of the axial compressor at idle rpm is predominated by an impressive jetstream noise coming from the exhaust at full throttle.

An extraordinary challenge was the development of an electronic commuted DC motor that perfectly fits to the axial fan. The 12-blade compressor demands an impressive torque of 2,2Nm at 26,000rpm which can only be generated by a high torque motor of high diameter and shorter length. Consequently the new DSM6043 Schubeler motor has a diameter of 67mm and a magnet length of 40mm. This motor is fully integrated in the axialfan to assign a huge area for the main airflow. In addition to that the motor is perfectly.

Cooled and needs no efficiency decreasing internal ventilator. The motor is based on a two pole design to allow a flexible fit of the motor characteristics to the needs of the axial fan. Nevertheless the windings sit in a 12 slot stator to increase the torque and to avoid any winding deformation at high temperatures. The magnet is attached to a sheeted magnet holder and reinforced by a bandage made of IMS carbon fibre which allows a high rpm tolerance. The whole motor design was optimized in respect of excessive heat tolerance and of course a high efficiency even at high currents.

The mechanical design of the Schubeler DSM6043 motor is based on established mechanical engineering and distinguishes itself by a shaft mount consisting of a fixed bearing and a prestressed floating bearing. Front- and endbell are fixed by 8 countersunk head screws, all surfaces are protected by hard anodizing. The result is a very high durability in combination with a low mechanical soundscape which allows the whispering of the axial fan to predominate even at idle rpm.

The conjunction between motor and axial fan is made by 4 handmade carbon stators which also guide the 3 motor phases through the UHM carbon sandwich shroud. The conversion of shaftpower to streampower is accomplished by 12 handmade carbon rotor blades which sit form-closed in precision aluminium swivels.

Version 2.0: The new version features a new smaller diameter motor that increases the fan swept area from 94cm² to 98cm².  This gives a larger rotor size and produces more thrust while creating better cooling for the motor. The new version appeared on the market as of 4/16/2016.

Improved aerodynamics at the stator for maximum thrust.

High-temperature resistant adhesives allowing for reliability even in extreme environments.

Rotor enhanced by means of an optimised carbon fibre roving ensuring highest crash resistance and reliability.

Slightly increased surface area for more take-off thrust.

Ribbed full aluminium stator providing cool motor operation at all times in combination with our patented cooling system.

The new 128mm DS-98-DIA HST still can be ordered with three different motor options. Motors haven been optimised magnetically and equipped with a stiff 10mm precision shaft. All rotating components are fine-balanced. The propulsion is build up from finest carbon/epoxy and aluminium parts. High modulus carbon fibre comes into use for the rotor blades and shell.

The DS-98-DIA HST is a fan of the 128mm class which can be applied within a wide performance range and runs extremely cool due to its high efficiency level. That way we are in the position to guarantee long-lasting reliable operation of the fan in your high-quality jet model airplane!


DS-98-DIA HST with DSM6029-600:

(replaces DSM6730-650)

Inner shroud diameter: 128mm
Fan swept area: 98cm²
Weight incl. motor, wires, connectors and
Secure Fan Fix: 1080g
Thrust range: 52-78N
Exhaust speed range: 72-82m/s
RPM range: 21.000-22.500rpm
Input power: 3,3-4,9kW
Allowed battery 10-12S 6000mAh
Overall efficiency: 65-68%



DS-98-DIA HST with DSM6036-600:

(replaces DSM6740-650)

Inner shroud diameter: 128mm
Fan swept area: 98cm²
Weight incl. motor, wires, connectors and
Secure Fan Fix: 1250g
Thrust range: 82-107N
Exhaust speed range: 85-97m/s
RPM range: 23.000-28.500rpm
Input power: 4,7-7,0kW
Allowed Battery: 12-14S 9000mAh
Overall efficiency: 71-72%


DS-98-DIA HST with DSM6043-650:

(replaces DSM6745-700)

Inner shroud diameter: 128mm
Fan swept area: 98cm²
Weight incl. motor, wires, connectors and
Secure Fan Fix: 1330g
Thrust range: 100-130N
Exhaust speed range: 94-108m/s
RPM range: 28.000-30.500rpm
Input power: 6,6-9,7kW
Allowed battery: 12-14S 9000mAh
Overall efficiency: 70-71%