DS-82-DIA HST (120mm)

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  • Improved aerodynamics on the stator for maximum thrust
  • Reliability even in high temperature
  • Rotor reinforced with optimized carbon fiber layers for maximum crash resistance and reliability
  • Slightly increased impeller throughput area leads to more take off thrust
  • Ribbed all-aluminum stator, together with patented air cooling ensures a cool engine operation at all times
  • Three different motor options
  • Motors haven been optimized magnetically and equipped with a stiff 10 mm precision shaft
  • All rotating components are fine-balanced
  • The propulsion is built from finest carbon/epoxy and aluminum parts
  • High modulus carbon

Engineered and made in Germany


DS-82-DIA HST® with DSM6029-600
Casing Inside Diameter 120 mm
Fan Swept Area 82 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 1070 g
Static Thrust Range 57-78 N
Exhaust Speed 78-90 m/s
RPM Range 21,500-25,500 rpm
Electrical Input Power 3.5-5.3 kW
Recommended Battery 11-13S 6000 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 65-68%


DS-82-DIA HST® with DSM6036-600
Casing Inside Diameter 120 mm
Fan Swept Area 82 cm²
Total Weight (Including Motor) 1240 g
Static Thrust Range 71-91 N
Exhaust Speed 87-98 m/s
RPM Range 24,000-28,500 rpm
Electrical Input Power 4.2-6.2 kW
Recommended Battery 12-14S 9000 mAh LiPo
Total Efficiency 71-72%