DS-215-DIA HST (195mm)

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Schubeler DS-215-DIA HST 195mm Carbon EDF Ducted Fan + DSM10066-290 Motor and MGM controller (option)

"THE MONSTER EDF" !!!!  The 195-mm Fan for high static thrust.

This is the most powerfull RC Hobby EDF to be produced as of today. Up to 25kg of thrust !


The successful HST fan series is now extended with a further extremely efficient and powerful ducted fan: the DS-DIA-215 HST. This new class of 195mm electric fans achieves a static thrust of up to 250N at 15kW of power. During the development phase Schubeler were able to optimise the efficiency level, reliability, and its sound. Hence, they applied all of their established know-how from their HST series striving for best results.

By means of numerical simulation in combination with practical testing they could:

  • optimise the fan’s efficiency level (CFD)
  • optimise the motor’s efficiency (CEM)
  • ensure reliability of all components (FEA)

The unique aluminium hollow shaft allows for a very high resonance point. Such mechanical feature allows the use of smallest tip clearances. The integrated motor in its new patented design propels the fan with powerful 10Nm of torque. Rotational speed was intentionally kept low at 14.000 U/min. The motor is cooled by means of Schubeler patented cooling system.

A so-called fan containment made from high tech fibres manages to reduce the energy of debris to an absolute minimum and provides safe operation at any time.

The DS-215-DIA HST is the ideal propulsion for your single-engined jet model with a maximum weight of 25kg.

Technical specifications with DSM10066-290 motor

  • Inner shroud diameter: 195 mm
  • Fan swept area: 215 cm²
  • Weight incl. motor, wiring, Plug and Secure Fan Fix: 3400 g
  • Thrust range: 215-250 N (21.92 kg - 25.49 kg)
  • Exhaust Speed Range: 84-98 m/s
  • RPM range: 12.000-14.000 U/min
  • Input power: 9,8-15,6 kW
  • Allowed battery: 12-14S 20000 mAh
  • Overall efficiency: 78 %

Technical specifications of the MGM TMM 40063-3 X2-SERIES

  • Length of the servocable 190mm
  • Servocable cross-section 0.25mm2
  • Weight without power conductors 460gram
  • Max RPMs 250.000
  • On-state switch (FETs) resistance at 25 °C 2 × 0.53mW
  • Motor PWM frequency 8 - 32kHz
  • Number of regulation steps 2048
  • Available BEC / OPTO versions: OPTO
  • Max. peak current (peak 5 sec.) 500A
  • Max. continuous current (for full throttle) 400A
  • Operating voltage 12 - 63V
  • Compatible with all types of feeding cells Number of A123 feeding cells 5 - 17
  • Number of NiCd, NiMh feeding cells 15 - 44
  • Number of Li-Pol, Li-Ion feeding cells 4 - 15