KST X10Mini 10mm 7.5kg HV Digital Wing Servo Coreless

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The new X series from KST has an even harder aluminium alloy on the housing than the proven DS series and is HV-compatible (2S LiPo). Thanks to an armatureless motor, the X-Series is faster and more powerful with the same dimensions. 

The X10 Mini is a high quality digital servo with a robust aluminium housing with precise and backlash-free metal gear. It is extremely accurate and therefore ideal for F3B/F3F and F3J glider models with thin wing profiles. 

  •  Coreless Motor
  •  Metal gear unit
  •  Double ball bearing mounted 
Operatin voltage (max.) [V]: 8.4
Torque[kg/cm]@4.8V: --
Torque[kg/cm]@6.0V: 5.5
Torque[kg/cm]@7.4V: 6.8
Torque[kg/cm]@8.4V: 7.5
Speed [s/60°]@4.8V: --
Speed [s/60°]@6.0V: 0.130
Speed [s/60°]@7.4V: 0.110
Speed [s/60°]@8.4V: 0.090
Breadth: 10.0
Length: 30.0
Height: 29.6
Weight: 23.0
Motor type: Coreless
Frequency: 1520us/333Hz
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 2BB
Spline: B1
Type: Wingservo
Electronics: Digital
Sensor: Potentiometer
Waterproof: No
Manufacturers: KST
  • 1 x wingservo KST X10 Mini
  • 3 x horn 1-arm plastic