Manual Controller

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Manual Controller:

The safe way for those quick opening or closings of retracts. 


1x Manual Controller 


  • WORKING A RETRACT WITHOUT EVERYTHING ELSE AROUD IT:  Sometimes you may want to test a single retract, or need to extend or retract them to assemble or disassemble a model, but don’t want to use your radio and receiver. The Manual Controller allows with a single connection full control of one retract at a time.
  • ONE UNIT, ALL RETRACTS:  With just one controller, you can operate all Electron Retracts, just set the switches for the size you will be using at any given time.
  • EASY OPERATION:  Two buttons, one to retract and one to extend, just press your chosen direction until you wish for the retract to stop, or wait until it reaches full travel when it will safely stop in its fully locked position.
  • WORRY FREE: Using the Manual Controller, you can operate the gear without the usual concern of voiding the warranty or burning the retract that comes from otherwise testing the retracts without a controller.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Thanks to it’s light weight and small footprint, you can install pretty much anywhere that is flat without having to worry about space or your models center of gravity.