Auto-Air-fill (onboard compressor)

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VSpeak Auto-Air-fill is an only ~220g light onboard compressor for pneumatic chassis mechanics, brakes etc.

The pressure range can be adjusted as well as some other parameters. Once set, the desired pressure range is regulated fully automatically.

A previously required pressure reservoir can be significantly reduced - or it can be dispensed with entirely.

When air is compressed, heat is generated, with high pressures and long running times of the onboard compressor correspondingly a lot of heat. We therefore recommend using a Teflon hose (outer diameter 4mm) as the direct compressed air connection.

There are several operating modes for Auto-Air-fill:

    • Autonomous Automatic mode (remote control independent)

    • Automatic mode Servo Port (requires a servo output to which a 3-position switch has been programmed)

    • Automatic mode Telemetry Port (only with Jeti and PowerBox core: Telemetry data are transferred)

The control of the onboard compressor can be delivered in 2 different versions:

    • BATT

    • OPTO

... which differ in that in the OPTO variant, the power section (i.e. motor + battery) and control section are galvanically separated from each other by means of an optocoupler.

The OPTO variant should always be selected if the compressor is to be driven by the turbine battery at the same time, which in turn is connected to a turbine ECU with galvanic separation so that the desired potential separation is not canceled by the compressor control.

ECU's with electrical isolation: JetCat V6, V10 ,..., HORNET2, HORNET3, ... , evoJet, Jakadofsky, AMT, SWIWIN, ...

With the BATT variant, the negative poles of the power section and control section are connected to one another, monitoring of the battery voltage and protection against deep discharge are possible.

The on-board compressor can be ordered as a complete unit (see picture above, can vary depending on the compressor used), in this case the pressure sensor is also calibrated.

However, the control board and mounting set can be ordered also separately in order to convert any existing compressor yourself.

Control Board

Mounting Set

Detailed information about VSpeak Auto-Air-fill can be found in the detailed manual.