ALU Ball Link

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M3 can be easily ordered

M4 can be easily ordered

Aluminum Ball Link:

Electron Retracts quality, now available in Electron Accessories


  • PERFECTLY PRECISE; smooth, and slop free.


  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN; Carefully milled from aircraft grade T6 7075 aluminum, finished in anodized black and with laser engravings. The ball part is made from self-lubricating brass, resulting in no maintenance or grease required.


  • DIFFERENTS TYPES FOR EACH APPLICATION; We offer 4 different sizes of ball links, each of them available in two mounting type.


  • Available in two sizes, M3 or M4 with Left (LH) or Right (RH) thread. 


1x Ball Link with spacer selected


PLEASE NOTE: The thread could be Right Handed (RH), or Left Handed (LH), Make sure you choose the correct one for your transmission system.