A35CHM Aluminum Case 12.5KG 0.085S High Torque Metal Gear Coreless Premium Digital Programmable Mini Servo

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A35CHM is a 12.5kg digital medium size servo. More efficient coreless motor to support fast response time of servo, so this servo can at a 0.085sec fast speed when the voltage is 8.4V. Aluminum case for better heat dissipation. Rugged and durable metal Gear and dual ball bearing providing premium using feeling. Programmable function is an essential feature for those who like to create unique servo. It is ideal for the use of RC Cars and Planes.

High Performance Digital Servo

High Precision Titanium Gear

High Quality Coreless Motor

Dual Ball Bearing

Full CNC Aluminum Housing

Ideal for Airplane, 380-500 Class Helicopter, Jet, Glider, RC Car, Robot etc


Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4 V

Operating speed: 0.125sec/60° @ 6.0V 

Operating speed: 0.095sec/60° @ 7.4V  

Operating speed: 0.085sec/60° @ 8.4V  

Stall Torque: 10.5 kg-cm (146 oz-in) @ 6.0V 

Stall Torque: 11.5 kg-cm (160 oz-in) @ 7.4V 

Stall Torque: 12.5 kg-cm (173 oz-in) @ 8.4V 

Gear: Titanium

Motor: CLS

Size: 35.5*15*29.2mm (1.39 x 0.59 x 1.14 in)

Weight: 41g 

Connector Wire: JR 180 mm