PBR-9D Receiver Holder

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PBR-9D Receiver

Use our ingenious click system, once installed the PBR-9D receiver is easily and quickly accessible. Cut out milled parts, assemble (all parts are exactly designed to hold them mechanically perfect), fix with thin super glue, screw on wooden base, glue wooden base to the desired place. Insert the plugs into the correct slots and simply click the PBR-9D receiver in and secure it with an O-ring. The PBR-9D Receiver can be installed and removed as often as you like, ensuring a safe and gentle installation. Simple assignment, it can be so easy to connect the plug always, in the correct position. Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious (PBR-9D receivers are not included)

Material: ABS 

Weight 4,0 g

incl. mounting material