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Schübeler Technologies GmbH - The future of Electric Jets

Since the founding of Schübeler Technologies GmbH in 1997 (at that time still Schübeler model systems and drive technology) we are professionally engaged in the development and production of efficient drive technology and lightweight components. Focusing first and foremost on the production of a CFRP axial fan for the sports and hobby sector, we have repeatedly deepened our theoretical and practical knowledge through the extreme demands of model sports in the high end sector and have always designed and implemented innovative solutions tested.

Thus we optimize since 1997 our own performance on all levels. The interdependence of advanced engineering know-how (know-how) and long-term grown and perfected practical expertise (how) is constantly driven forward by us. This is the precondition for the fact that today in our company all demands made on lightweight components and high-performance drives can be met.

The first relocation took place in 2001 and since an additional enlargement of our production in 2002, we manufactured various carbon fiber reinforced axial fans, lightweight components, industrial parts and more in a high degree of value added at our plant in Paderborn. In addition, since 2003, we have gained valuable experience in the increasingly important production of ultralight and high-efficiency lithium batteries.

In January 2012, we moved into the new location in Bad Lippspringe. In addition to a significant increase in office and production space, we now have an optimally equipped development and production facility at our disposal.

Since then, we have constantly developed our impeller series. With the DS-DIA 215 HST ® , we have also developed a 195mm electric fan that  can be used for up to 25kg flying weight and is unique on the market. In addition, since 2015 we have also been winding engines in our in-house production.

Our team consists of avid model flyers and developers with over 20 years of hands-on experience.

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