KST High Performance Servos

KST high performance digital servos are characterized by their high reset accuracy and robust full metal gear.

All KST servos have, with few exceptions, have stable aluminum housing and are therefore extremely robust, the servos can also be used very well in test setups or for control tasks in industrial environments.

KST provides servos from 8mm height, these servos can be used with excellent results in F3K DLG`s or F5D models.

The 10mm KST servos are primarily used mainly in RC gliders in classes F3B, F3J and F3F.

Even for large models and helicopters KST offers a wide productline.

For RC cars and RC boats also waterproof servos KST available.

The KST X-Series is the high-end servo line of KST, designed for RC pilots with the highest standards.

Furthermore, KST provides the X25, X30 and X50 Series are also industry and robotics servos, which make for aligning torque of up to 625kg / cm and are thus ideally suited for industrial applications.


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