ALM MECA Turbines

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Turbines for model aircraft

We imagine, design and manufacture new turbines for model aircraft . Aerial model making is a form of model making whose evolution follows that of aeronautics . Thus, aeromodelling seeks to reproduce flight and piloting techniques, using original models.


The appearance of the planes is taken up by reduced-scale models of reality or leaves room for the imagination of the designer. Our turbines equip particularly realistic and efficient scale aircraft. Having the attention to detail and the ambition of perfection, we seek every day to test, experiment and improve our turbines . Aeromodelling gives us the same adrenaline as aeronautics.


Our turbines, entirely designed and manufactured in France in Eschbach, Alsace, can propel the best jets in the country. We have the know-how to equip your custom aircraft to make your flying experience an unforgettable adventure. Our passion for aeromodelling encourages us to remain attentive to constant technological innovations so that our turbines remain at the forefront! With our turbines, we fly everywhere, even outside the cockpit!

Another advantage of turbines is being an external combustion engine . Therefore, all fuels , including the cheapest, can be used to power it. Our turbojets have a particularly low maintenance cost and a remarkable longevity.

Available Soon A-180 and A-210 Turbines

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